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'Margaret Garcia Solo @ ChimMaya'

‘Margaret Garcia Solo @ ChimMaya’...Margaret has created a body of work that captures and encapsulates….culture, family, and urban life/landscapes. She is also inspired by the current political ‘world’ climate...that is too often, plagued by race, suppression, and an ongoing assault on civility.

Over the past four decades, Margaret Garcia has been a leader in the L.A. Chicano Art Movement…championing women, community, and those individuals who are marginalized by society. 

As a teacher and mentor…Margaret has inspired and encouraged artists to challenge their talents and many of those artists, have emerged and found their ‘unique voices’ in their artwork. All her students…are encouraged to reach into their souls and create Art, that is authentic to self, and reflective in their passion for the subjects they are painting.

Over the past 14 years, Margaret Garcia has consistently exhibited her artwork @ ChimMaya. Recognizing that both Artist and Gallery, have the vital and indispensable responsibility to ‘pass forward’…as an emerging gallery in 2005...we too, have benefited from Margaret’s support and council over the years.

As a gallery that is rooted in ‘community’…celebrating artists/artwork, that captures and ‘mirrors back’ the society we live in…it is our distinct pleasure, to showcase Margaret Garcia in her ‘solo’ exhibition @ ChimMaya.