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'LUXE' ... April 30th - June 21st

‘Luxe’ .... something luxurious, opulent, a richness…elegance, deluxe

For our first exhibition this year…we’ve invited an eclectic group of artists to help us relaunch our space! ChimMaya resident artists, gallery favorites, and several ‘new’ artists are joining the lineup of participants for this very special exhibition!

Acrylics, oils, mixed media, glass, ceramics, pastels, canvas, wood, amate paper….are a few of the mediums and surfaces….that were used to create the artwork for this show!


After months of planning, reconfiguring several of the public spaces in our gallery, weeks of preparing/painting walls, sourcing lighting/furnishings, and a complete transformation of the patio, our remodel is finally coming to an end. 

ChimMaya has undergone many transformations over the years. Now in our 12th year…we have consistently been influenced by the ever-changing/evolving audience of followers/supporters to our gallery, and principally….by the incredible lineup of artists who have exhibited in our space. 

ChimMaya Resident Artists:  Yolanda Gonzalez, Emilia Garcia, Juan Solis, Hector Silva, Rick Ortega, Julie Zarate

Invited Artists:  Robert Palacios, Steve Leal, Ariel Vargassal, Otto ‘Tito’ Sturcke, Efrain Becerra Castaneda, Esau Andrade, Christina Ramos, Emily Costello, Eric Almanza, Anna Alvarado, Jamie Chavez, Jaime Guerrero, Jono, Bonnie Lambert, German Rubio, Niki J Sands, Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Luis Tinoco, Paul Torres, Vakseen, Carlos Villez

New Artists:  Sonia Romero, Nancy Romero, J Michael Walker, Jhina Alvarado, Nuria Bac, Zulia Gotay, Che Lopez, Stephanie Mercado, Gerardo Monterrubio, Peter Ortiz, Armando Padilla, Wayne Perry, Fernando Reyes, Leigh Salgado, Carmen Sonnes, Yrene Lucinda