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'Frida y Los Muertos' - Group Exhibition

Every year we open a Frida exhibit in August….unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to open our Annual Frida Exhibition. For October, we decided to merge two exhibits into one. We asked artists to produce art that combines elements of ‘Frida‘ and ‘Dia de Los Muertos‘.

Frida‘ and ‘Dia de Los Muertos‘ were the two first themed exhibitions that we had in our gallery. As we continue to celebrate our 13th Anniversary this year, we’re excited to combine elements of both Frida/Dia de Los Muertos for October. 

Resident Artists:  Rick Ortega, Juan Solis, Gennaro Garcia, Julie Zarate, Efrain Becerra Castaneda

Invited Artists:  Robert Palacios, Esau Andrade, David Amoroso, Anna Alvarado, Emilia Cruz, Christina Ramos, Laura Vasquez Rodriguez, Barbara Rivera, German Rubio, Nikki Garcia Poling, Maja, Ernie Lucero, Carlos Villez, Roger Trivinos, Denise Cortes, Manuel ‘Manny’ Martinez, Monica Gisel Crespo, Luis Tinoco, Noe Viramontes, Francisco Alvarado, Salvador Correa

Introducing:  Brandon Maldonado, John Galan, Alberto Pacheco, Emilia Martinez, Jacqueline Vitela, Amparo Chi, Cesar Garcia, Kimberly Duran