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‘Energias de mi Tierra’ … Efrain Becerra Castañeda (Main Gallery)

In the past few months…Efrain Becerra Castañeda has joined the roster of artists who regularly exhibit in our gallery.  His work embodies and celebrates the essence of Mexican culture…juxtaposing traditional themes with a modern realism, that is alluring, compelling, and captivating!

We’re pleased to exhibit Efrain, as one of our featured artists in November......



Cuetzalan born painter, Efrain Becerra Castañeda studied at the Atelier Nova Escuela Poblana in Puebla, Mexico where he trained professionally. His artistic abilities and skills allow him to venture into Traditional Mexican Realism, becoming a reference of this style.

Originally from a family of traditional shamans Nahua-Totonac (pre-Hispanic cultures), he witnessed his grandparents’ healing work in the early years of his life. This inspired him to depict his gratitude for the richness of his culture, early on in his career.

His work is part of the Mexican School with an emphasis on Surrealism Costumbrista. The mastery of form, color, texture and handling of symbolic elements are a constant in his work.

He has taken part in various exhibitions and projects that promote respect for the culture and identity as cornerstones of any civilization.