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'A Numbers Game' by Robert Palacios

‘A Numbers Game’ … Feature/Solo Exhibition of Robert Palacios

Although he is a constant/regular participant in our group exhibitions, ‘A Numbers Game’….is the only ‘solo’ exhibition Robert Palacios has opened in three years.

Robert has produced 16 new artworks, inspired by numbers from ‘Loteria’

As the master story teller that he is, Robert has meticulously….crafted scenarios/vignettes, often whimsically executed storylines….that transport you to another world where Virgens, Super Heroes, Mermaids, Villains, Innocent Maidens, Astronauts, and Devilish Clowns, are juxtaposed with Loteria numbers….moving across fanciful/energetic landscapes, that take you to the other side of your imagination!

If the imagery wasn’t enough, the titles Robert gives each piece….encapsulates the essence and inspiration for each artwork….’Cactus Crooner’, ‘Tex-Mex’, ‘Daddy Long Legs’, ‘Elote Express’, ‘Masked Crusaders’, ‘Sugar Tears’…..are just a sampling of the ponderings and daydreams that exist in Robert’s mind. 

As longtime enthusiasts of Robert Palacios, our gallery is pleased and honored, to have Robert among the distinguished group of artists who consider ChimMaya home base, for producing/debuting their new artwork.